Corporate Governance ​

Shipkevich interprets the governance and disclosure-related CFTC and other US financial federal and state regulator rules to advise and guide clients in processes of regulatory procedures in areas such as audit, compensation and nominating committee practices, compliance procedures, mergers and acquisitions, and litigation aspects of corporate governance issues. Our attorneys counsel public and private companies, board of directors and board committees, and senior management on issues related to the Dodd-Frank Act and the CEA.


  • Assisting clients with audit and compensation practices, nominating committee procedures, director independence issues, related party transactions and compliance procedures, director fiduciary duties, shareholder proposals, and drafting changes to charters or by-laws;
  • Drafting, revising, and implementing disclosure controls and procedures, audit committee policies and related transactional policies;
  • Drafting codes of ethics, corporate governance disclosure proxy statements, and other statements in compliance with the stock exchange rules;
  • Board structure and composition;
  • Governance structure, enterprise risk identification and risk management procedures;
  • Assisting with matters related to board voting, rights plan, special meeting requests, board nominations and membership;
  • Advising on executive compensation in compliance with regulatory agencies;
  • Helping clients implement codes of conduct and business ethics, internal controls, risk assessments, and compliance procedures;
  • Notifying clients, through issued memoranda, of notable changes and developments in rulemaking that will impact businesses;
  • Aiding with nominating committee procedures, director independence issues, related party transactions and compliance procedures;
  • Advising board of directors on balancing shareholder demands and corporate governance practices; 
  • Counseling on matters related to mergers and acquisitions, tax law, and litigation aspects of corporate governance;
  • Evolving trends and best practices for corporate governance, including review and updating of charter and bylaws.