WATCH WEBINAR: Pre-Authorization Agreements in the Debt Settlement Space: Are They Illegal?


Felix Shipkevich and Jessica Livingston of Shipkevich PLLC held a webinar to discuss and examine pre-authorization agreements and their use in the debt settlement space. The webinar provided educational information on the judicial and practical considerations of enforcing pre-authorization arrangements. The focus is on examining pre-authorization agreements with debt settlement companies and their clients.


  • TSR requirements to obtain proper consent to settle debt prior to obtaining fees; ∙ When pre-authorization agreements fail;

  • Considerations when drafting settlement authorization and consent agreements;

  • The types of pre-authorization agreements being used improperly in the debt settlement space and what participants in the space should look for when using or being asked to use a pre-authorization agreement;

  • An analysis of the potential pitfalls of using pre-authorization agreements for purposes of obtaining client consent to settle a debt.


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