Stefan Savic Co-Presents for Strafford Merchant Cash Advance Webinar

Partner Stefan Savic Co-Presented for Strafford’s Structuring Merchant Cash Advance webinar. This MCA webinar provides finance counsel to structure and document merchant cash advance transactions. Stefan Savic was carefully selected for the presentation as a leader in this field bringing critical knowledge and insights.

MCAs have become a working capital financing alternative for startups and emerging businesses that may not have access to traditional lending sources. Recent cases brought by “borrowers” who allege violation of usury statutes are instructive on the issue of when an MCA might be categorized as a loan rather than a sale of accounts.

The focus of Stefan’s Merchant Cash Advance webinar presentation was on recent cases setting a precedent for MCA law and the lessons learned from these cases. These cases defined MCA characterization as loans for businesses, cases that distinguish MCA agreements from loans, and cases that interpret common provisions in MCA agreements. Stefan Savic has extensive experience counseling business on Merchant Cash Advances and his practice focuses on commercial litigation in federal and state courts pertaining to these issues.

Among other MCA issues, the Merchant Cash Advance webinar panel reviewed these other key issues:

Why is a “true sale” important in structuring an MCA?

How do payment structures differ between an MCA and a traditional loan?

What does recent case law suggest about structuring MCAs?

How are MCAs treated in bankruptcy?

The 90 minute Merchant Cash Advance webinar includes a Q&A period which includes insight into this and other issues includding Documenting True Sale and Contingent Payments; Avoiding Loan Categorization; UCC, Licensing and Usury Considerations.

To watch this seminar recording and PDF presentation please visit Strafford’s webinar here.

Strafford is an approved provider and its webinars offer continuing education credits. Strafford has a long-standing commitment to helping attorneys and business professionals get the information they need to stay on the cutting edge.

For counsel or advice regarding Merchant Cash Advances and other issues contact Stefan Savic here.

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