At, our debt relief attorneys represent clients who have a large amount of small business debts. Our services include debt settlement, debt reduction and filing bankruptcy.  We also defend small businesses in breach of contract matters brought forward by lenders.  When required, our team of small business debt relief attorneys will take a very aggressive approach when we are bringing claims against merchant cash advance companies and lenders if there are legitimate claims.

When faced with a business lawsuit over small business debts, it is important to respond in a timely fashion. After thoroughly analyzing the financial situation of your business, our professionals best debt relief management strategy.  While in some cases  fighting the lawsuit seems more advantageous, other cases may be best suited for filing a business bankruptcy or settling the debt.  Our small business debt relief attorneys will discuss the best options available for your specific situation during your free initial consultation.

Most small business debts requires the business owner to permit liens on business assets as well sign personal guarantees as collateral. When our clients are hit with lawsuits, our top priority is to Whelp business owners safeguard as much personal property.  Consumer protection law such as the FDCPA does not apply to business debt. Nonetheless, business lenders and financial institutions are still obligated to carry out business in a  “commercially reasonable manner.”  Lenders are annot conduct themselves in a manner that is considered as a “breach of the peace” including threatening you or your employees.  We are not afraid to take strong action against businesses in violation of these rights.

Some of the most small business debt include: