Felix Shipkevich and Stefan Savic Speak at Hofstra University’s Payments Processing Panel

Principal Felix Shipkevich and partner Stefan Savic are panel speakers for Hofstra University’s Payments Processing Roundtable “The Future of Payment Processing and Money Services Businesses.” Hosted today, March 14th by the Maurice A. Deane School of Law’s Forum for Global Financial Regulation, the roundtable will discuss the legal and regulatory issues concerning the evolving regulatory landscape of non-bank payments providers, Fintech and money service businesses. The panels feature professionals and academics with diverse knowledge of the this regulatory landscape.

Shipkevich PLLC attorneys have experience serving financial institutions and Money Service Business in the payments industry. As such they are poised to offer insights and expertise on the roundtable’s various panels discussing key topics such as Regulations over MSBs, Dodd-Frank Act, and the advent of virtual currency in financial innovation.

Felix Shipkevich has spoken at various panels for ICO’s and Blockchain technologies in the payments industry. He represents clients in CFTC regulatory matters as well as compliance with other other state and federal authorities and money transmitter licensing.  

Stefan Savic has experience in enforcement actions, litigation strategy, and representing financial institutions. He will be speaking at the 4:45 pm panel titled “Enforcement and Litigation Issues for Money Service Businesses.” Some of the topics this panel will discuss include new enforcement issues as well as recurring ones, the differences in state regulations and similarities, as well as navigating enforcement actions.

The university is also hosting a panel on Financial Innovation and Consumer Protection which will consider how new technology might disrupt existing payment operations, protections for consumers of MSBs, and “LabCFTC.” The Commodities and Futures Trading Commission developed LabCFTC as effort to best understand how virtual currency such as Bitcoin should be regulated.

The Payments Processing Roundtable panels will take place from Noon to 5:45 pm with a reception to follow. For a full list of speakers and agenda, please this link to the University’s webpage.

5.5 CLE credits will be available for professional practitioners.

Image courtesy of Hofstra University under CC licensing 

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