Felix Shipkevich Spoke For The Federal Bar Association Blockchain Panel

Principal Felix Shipkevich was a speaker for the Federal Bar Association Blockchain Panel titled Blockchain: From Innovation to Regulation. The panel was held on Thursday, September 13 as part of the Federal Bar Association annual convention ending September 15th. Felix Shipkevich has spoken at national panels and CLEs on the topic of blockchain and cryptocurrency regulations. The panel was composed of top attorneys and C-level executives and addressed new challenges brought forth by blockchain’s novel decentralized ledger technology.

Mr. Shipkevich maintains an active financial derivatives practice providing legal and regulatory counsel to FinTech and money service business, and he also has extensive experience with ICOs regulations. His practice also includes enforcement defense litigation and regulatory investigations of money service business by federal and state authorities. He has represented money services business as well as technology companies in the money transmitter space in connection with mergers and acquisitions, cross-border purchase and sale negotiations and agreements, and general money service business company arrangements. In such capacity he speaks nationally on panels for the money transfer community on various legal and regulatory topics including Bitcoin ATM regulations, defining Bitcoin legality, and how government agencies regulate ICOs Compliance (CFTC, FinCEN, DOJ, State Regulators, NYDFS, CFPB).

The Federal Bar Association is actively working with  technology  companies to  advise and  structure financing  and ICOs, thus create legal  standards around implementation for blockchain and  cryptocurrencies. Lastly the attorneys provide  insights on up to  the minute trends  and blockchain  regulatory matters for our clients. At the Federal Bar Association Blockchain panel, experts discussed blockchain, current regulatory measures that are already underway, and address challenges facing attorneys who are practicing in the blockchain and cryptocurrency technology space. They also addressed some best practices for legal evaluation of blockchain technologies, ICOs and cryptocurrency as well as address what may be in store for the future of blockchain regulators and innovators. Some of the in-depth topics were,

  • Securities Trade Market Vs. Commodities Trade Market
  • Regulatory Complications & Inaction
  • Regulatory Approach & Reaction
  • International Obstacles and Jurisdiction Differentiators

Felix Shipkevich joined John Wise Founder & CEO of LOCI, Rob Griffitts Partner of Masur Griffitts + LLP, in the 3:30 pm panel which was moderated by by Steven Masur Partner, Masur Griffitts + LLP. The Federal Bar Association 2018 Annual Meeting and Convention took place at the New York Marriott Downtown, situated in the heart of NYC’s Financial District.  For more information please visit the Federal Bar Association homepage here.

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