Felix Shipkevich was a Debt Relief Compliance Attorney Speaker at RevCon 2018

Felix Shipkevich, Principal and founder, was a Debt Relief Compliance attorney speaker for RevCon 2018 debt relief and financial services convention. The Regulatory and Legal Compliance Panel took place at 11:30 am on Monday, September 17, in Las Vegas. RevCon is held yearly with the goal of promoting collaboration between government regulators of the debt relief and financial services, such as the CFPB, and consumers. Debt relief compliance attorneys such as Felix Shipkevich are an integral part of communication between the laws set forth by regulatory bodies and financial services businesses. Mr. Shipkevich spoke alongside top attorneys from the debt relief industry including Michael Thurman, Erica Franqui, Matthew Hearn, Ken Richard, David Torres, Jonathan Yong, Michael Barsoum, George Baselous and Camillo Concha.

Felix Shipkevich’s area of practice focuses on regulatory compliance, debt consolidation, and enforcement defense. He has experience representing clients investigated by the regulatory agencies that govern the debt relief industry such as the Consumer Financial Services Protection Bureau (CFPB) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). In such capacity he has spoken in national conferences for the debt relief services industry compliance and regulations. He’s debt relief compliance practice includes providing regulatory compliance services, enforcement defense, and general counsel services to debt relief companies. He has represented various marketing and technology companies who service the debt relief industry. Mr. Shipkevich is also editor-in-chief of Debt Relief Watch, a resource benefiting business owners and compliance practitioners track changes in the regulatory legal landscape.

The Regulatory and Legal Compliance Panel took place immediately after K Eswaramoorthy presented for the CFPB. The Debt Relief Compliance Attorneys offered explanations of the regulations set forth by the CFPB as well as the FTC and other debt relief industry regulators. The panel has been featured every year presenting top attorneys and compliance experts from the industry answering questions and help navigate the often complicated legal environment. They help understand and show how to comply with the rules. The panel of experts present the knowledge needed to understand the laws as they pertain to a business model. Where the industry has been left to rely on hearsay and opinions, the facts were presented straight from the legal and compliance experts that defend, litigate and assist the companies in this space achieve total compliance. Topics range from state licensing and registration, TCPA compliance, business models, new laws, corporate structure, marketing and advertising, UDAAP, CROA and more. The presentation will feature a wealth of knowledge updated and enhanced in compliance understanding.

Hundreds of industry leaders and business owners attended RevCon 2018, involved in

Debt Settlement
Debt Management
Credit Counseling
Student Loan Relief
Doc Prep Companies
Tax Resolution
Credit Repair
Service Providers
Lead Generation
Law Firms
Collections Professionals
Business Debt Relief
Consumer Lending
Subprime Services
Venture Capital
Timeshare Negotiations


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