ICO Attorney and Cryptocurrency Services

Shipkevich completely recognizes the rapid advancement of financial technology (FinTech)  in all types of industries and the need for an ICO attorney. Right now, initial coin offerings (ICOs) are becoming a new way of raising capital for innovative project ideas. A Shipkevich ICO attorney understands the benefits of hosting ICOs, from its implementation through distributive ledger technology, or blockchain, to simply its efficient and industry changing fundraising method. However, now that federal agencies, like the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), are getting more involved in overseeing its implementation, it is becoming a challenge for companies to sort out the legalities of hosting ICOs in the United States.

Shipkevich PLLC is offering  legal counsel for entities that want to host ICOs and require ICO services, or for those that have existing ICO in capital markets. Shipkevich has a talented group of professionals and ICO attorneys who have extensive legal experience in dealing with traditional capital markets, foreign exchange, introducing brokers, corporate governance, and cases that involve the Dodd-Frank Act. Moreover, our professionals have years of experience with FinTech cases regarding e-commerce and the establishment of payment systems for both, domestic and international, entities. Our expertise in conventional practice areas, combined with our knowledge in law pertinent to ICOs services, will ensure our clients avoid potential legal hurdles.

Shipkevich is aware that many domestic and offshore companies judiciously avoid having ICO distributions in the US to avoid legal issues. We invite all domestic and offshore ICO hosting entities to connect with Shipkevich cryptocurrency  and ICO attorney services to allow U.S. citizens to participate and invest in the offerings.

For companies or start-ups seeking to host Initial Coin Offerings, our ICO attorneys will provide the following for you:


For more information regarding your specific legal needs, please contact one of our ICO Attorneys at contact@shipkevich.com