Commercial Dispute and Contract

Shipkevich dispute resolution attorneys work closely with our clients in breach of contracts by applying the best strategy to reach their organization’s objective. We have broad experience in bringing and defending a wide variety of disputes across New York and the rest of the nation. Our team of cross-border attorneys regularly handles high-stake cases and litigation involving alleged breaches of contract, enforcement of rights, business torts, as well as other types of business litigation. Corporations and business of all sizes seek our proven expertise in the most complex of issues to ensure their contractual rights are protected.

Shipkevich law firm recognizes not every commercial dispute is the same thus we offer our clients tailored solutions to suit their company’s need. By working with our clients at a personal level we are able to design a dispute resolution strategy customized to their immediate goals. We thoroughly review the contract that defines the relationship between the parties and explore all practical and cost-effective approaches to obtain the best results for our clients. We successfully handle all types of contract disputes and allegations ranging from fraud, negligence, interference, and malpractice. Franchises and organizations from diverse industries confide in our multidisciplinary team to devise an optimal strategy to resolve commercial disputes within the context of their business operations.

Shipkevich attorneys have earned their expertise in commercial disputes and contracts involving a breadth of cases including sale of businesses and their assets, licensing agreements, and disputes between partners or members of limited liability corporations. Regardless of our clients needs, we provide individual attention and proactive strategies to represent their organizations.

Whether plaintiffs and defendants, we can anticipate key areas to apply the best resolutions to commercial disputes including: