Bankruptcy & Insolvency Litigation


Shipkevich bankruptcy attorneys provide legal counsel to businesses and individual clients both inside and outside of the courtroom. Our experienced team is ready to guide corporations and individuals through all aspects of bankruptcy and insolvency litigation. Shipkevich attorneys will represent clients in a variety of cases including Chapter 13, Chapter 11 reorganization cases, and Chapter 7 liquidation. We work closely with clients to understand their business and industry to maximize their benefits from insolvency and creditors’ rights litigation as it relates to distressed businesses and their assets. 

Our litigators have the experience, knowledge and prowess to represent a variety of clients including lenders, indenture trustees, investors, corporate fiduciaries, debtors, committees, bankruptcy trustees, receivers, and other parties in a wide variety of disputes. It is our experience with a diverse client-base and success in multi-disciplinary cases that gives us the required expertise to navigate complex bankruptcy and insolvency litigation cases in court rooms and outside disputes. 

Outside the court room, our attorneys work with our litigators with command of the law to benefit our client’s interest. Our litigation team provides counsel pertaining to bankruptcy cases and insolvency-related litigation such as lender liability issues, receivership proceedings, successor liability and alter ego liability, asset recovery litigation, and defense of claims against officers. Because of our strategic and cost-efficient approach, our clients place trust in our team of litigators for their business life cycle.

Shipkevich law firm provides value to our clients with tailored litigation yet possessing the experience and expertise of working with a diverse clientele in complex liquidation and reorganization cases.

Our comprehensive bankruptcy and litigation services include: