Melanie Trogolo Discusses Shipkevich PLLC’s Family First Plan in Shortlister Article

Melanie Trogolo was recently featured in an article entitled “Why is Middle Management Leading the Great Resignation?”


Another undoubtful fact about the great resignation is that women, especially those in middle management positions, are three times more likely to resign or find a new job.

According to a recent survey by Gusto’s, the gender gap was widest in August 2021 when the quit rate among women was 1.1 percentage points higher than men.

Other sources report that:

While some of these women were pursuing better career opportunities and higher pay and left their current jobs voluntarily, many were forced to make this decision. Taking care of children, families (and the elderly) was the major reason women quit.

Melanie Trogolo, a Senior Associate Attorney at Shipkevich PLLC’s Miami Office, shared her thoughts on this: I am in a profession that is synonymous with burnout. As an attorney, you are told the path to success requires choosing a job over family and fun. This is something that is being seen in many fields, and COVID-19 restrictions are changing that.

I turned down a national firm with more pay to join Shipkevich, PLLC, because the shareholder, Felix, had in place a flexible work model. We can work whatever hours we choose to work and fully remote, and no one is expected to come back to the office, ever. This helps me manage my life with my daughter as a single mother and not sacrifice my career.

So many employers are not evolving, and it is causing high turnover rates burnout and leading to the Great Resignation. Employees want to work, but they also value enjoying life. If employers don’t start thinking about their employees and their families, I don’t see retention rates changing,” she finished.


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