Debt Relief Services Industry Compliance

At Shipkevich, we work hard to keep you ahead of the legal curve. We track new developments and frequently issue alerts that keep clients up to date on what they need to know and act on. We work closely with key federal and state regulators. They are aware of our active involvement within the industry and of our work advocating on behalf of clients, resulting in a high level of respect and visibility that can be extremely beneficial to clients when trouble arises.

We also provide clients with access to Shipkevich’s depth of resources and insights gained from our experience in related areas, ensuring that every issue receives the focus required for the most favorable outcome possible.

The debt relief industry can be vast and far too all-encompassing for clients to handle on their own. Within the industry we focus on, compliance with federal and state regulations; bankruptcy counseling; class actions and other private lawsuits defense; contracts; formation of credit counseling and debt relief services companies; investigations and enforcement actions by Congressional committees, Federal Trade Commission, Consumer Financial Protections Bureau, State Attorneys General and regulators; mergers, dissolutions and asset transfers; privacy policies; and tax exemption status and Internal Revenue Service audits.


  • Debt Settlement/Negotiation Regulatory Compliance
  • Debt Settlement/Negotiation Registration & Licensing
  • Debt Management for Nonprofit and For-Profit State and Federal Compliance and Licensing
  • Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Regulatory Compliance and Defense
  • Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Regulatory Compliance and Defense
  • State Attorney General Regulatory Compliance and Defense
  • Debt Relief Compliance and Training
  • Regulatory Review and Drafting of Consumer Agreements and Documents
  • Regulatory Review and Drafting of Third-Party Service-Provider Documents
  • Investigation, Representation and Compliance for Tax Debt Relief Organizations
  • Regulatory Review of Marketing and Promotional Material
  • Regulatory Review of Products and Services
  • Student Loan Debt Relief Regulatory Compliance & Defense