Krystina Endara Featured in Law360 Article Entitled ‘How Law Firms Are Marketing Remote Work To Laterals’

Krystina Endara, Partner at Shipkevich PLLC, has been quoted in a Law360 article focused on how remote work environments benefit employees.

Shipkevich PLLC partner Krystina Endara says she considered leaving the profession before finding her current firm two years ago. The firm allows fully remote work and a flexible work schedule, and Endara has helped launch a promotional campaign highlighting those job perks.

“For me it’s been a life changer,” Endara said of remote and flexible work. “Before I joined the firm I felt like I was failing at either working or failing at being a mom. I could never do both.”

Now she wakes up and works for a few hours, then cares for her young daughter for a while before working again later in the day when her daughter is sleeping. She works a full day and spends a full day as a mom, she said.

Endara says she wanted to spread the word about her firm, so she helped with the campaign to do just that. “For us, we were actually looking for attorneys. We have this business model. We thought, ‘We should talk about it on our platforms.’ We really think that if we do that it will drive more talent to us,” Endara said.

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