U.S. Consumer Debt Relief: Industry Overview, Laws & Regulations (2nd Edition)

This book offers a comprehensive regulatory, legal, and historical overview of the rapidly growing US debt relief space.

“US Consumer Debt Relief: Industry Overview, Laws & Regulations (Second Edition)” is now available as a downloadable book from Shipkevich PLLC.

Our attorneys have brought together their legal and regulatory knowledge on the debt relief space to prepare this concise and comprehensive eBook with the goal of educating and informing those inquiring about the space.

This book summarizes the history of consumer credit and debt, the rise of debt relief services, and provides an outline of the debt relief space and its participants, with a key focus on the debt settlement industry and its regulations.

Within the book you will find information on:

  • A history of credit and debt in the U.S. and the impacts of medical debt on the U.S. population;
  • An analysis of different types of debt relief services, how those services are defined on the state and federal level, and key statutory and regulatory information concerning those services;
  • Information on debt settlement industry participants, including marketing companies and payment processors, and how each participant may be regulated;
  • A breakdown of various types of debt settlement models, including the legal model;
  • A detailed overview of applicable federal regulations, such as the TSR and UDAAP;
  • A list of applicable state laws; and
  • An appendix of federally issued guides concerning the debt relief industry.


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