Guide to Debt Settlement Industry Laws, Regulations, and Cases in the U.S. (3rd Edition)

This book offers a comprehensive regulatory, legal, and historical overview of the rapidly growing US debt relief space.

“Guide to Debt Settlement Industry Laws, Regulations, and Cases in the U.S. (3rd Edition)” is now available as a downloadable eBook from Shipkevich PLLC.

This eBook provides a general overview of the key laws, regulations, and legal precedents concerning the debt settlement space. It further discusses the role of regulators, including but not limited to the FTC, CFPB, and state attorneys general involvement in enforcing these laws and regulations. The information within this eBook is useful for all industry professionals, including attorneys, compliance staff, and executives.

Within the book you will find the following new updates:

  • A detailed overview of the new 2024 amendment to the TSR;
  • A discussion of the recent Supreme Court decision upholding the regulatory authority of the CFPB;
  • A breakdown of legal plans and ancillary product providers and how they are regulated;
  • An analysis of the use of loan brokering in the debt relief space and important regulatory considerations for loan brokers;
  • Information on call recording, recordkeeping, and document retention policies;
  • An examination of the critical issues surrounding mailers, including an overview of applicable federal and state laws, as well as recent litigation; and
  • An update on litigation and regulatory enforcement action trends;
  • Updated appendices of relevant federal and state laws.


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