Felix Shipkevich Was A Speaker For NFT.NYC Token Regulations Panel

Felix Shipkevich was a speaker for NFT.NYC Cryptocurrency and Tokens regulations panel on February 20th at the PlayStation Theater in Times Square, New York City. NFT.NYC Brought together gamers, artists, blockchain developers and fans to showcase how Non-Fungible Tokens are already impacting their experiences of ownership and identity with digital assets.

Top attorneys and executives joined Felix Shipkevich in the NFT Regulations panel addressing how the NY BitLicense law defines crypto or virtual currencies. Other cryptocurrency regulations included, Security vs. Utility Tokens, Money Transmitter Transmitter license, and FinCEN guidance for MSB Registrations (Money Service Business). Along with panelist, Felix Shipkevich explained how the New York BitLicense law affects cryptocurrencies and NFTs. The ultimate goal of the panel was to answer whether a BitLicense is required in order to engage in “non-financial” uses of virtual currency.

Mr. Shipkevich advises clients and MSBs on launching an ICO or Token offering legal and  compliance counsel with the regulatory agencies such as the CFTC, Treasury Department’s FinCEN, and the SEC. His work in this field has brought him experience with regulations throughout all 50 states as well as Federal agencies. He has helped businesses attain a money transmitter license within their state and meet compliance with FinCEN and the CFTC.

Felix Shipkevich is a Principal and founder of Shipkevich PLLC and maintains an active capital markets and derivatives practice. He is a special professor of law at Hofstra University and has spoken at the university’s panels for Bitcoin and the future of the payments industry. He has also Presented at various national panels as ICO Attorney on Bitcoin and ICOs. As a regulatory compliance attorney, Mr. Shipkevich provides counsel and representation in CFTC regulatory matters.

NFT.NYCwas the first major US event of its kind. Event was broadcasted on Social Channels and the PlayStation Theater Times Square Billboard throughout the day. Joining the event as a keynote speaker and moderator was noted thought leader, investor and blockchain theorist, William Mougayar, best-selling author of The Business Blockchain. Industry leaders, influencers, developers and fans met at the PlayStation Theater in New York City’s iconic Times Square for all things NFT. The event featured enjoyable debates, thoughtleader talks, workshops and industry briefings from the leading names and brands in blockchain.

For more information NFT.NYC and up coming events please visit their website, www.nft.nyc

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