Felix Shipkevich Was a Speaker For RevCon2017 Legal Panel

Felix Shipkevich, founder and Principal of Shipkevich PLLC, was a legal panel speaker for RevCon2017, a yearly convention for debt relief and financial services. Having extensive involvement with the debt relief industry, Mr. Shipkevich presented on legal compliance, his area of expertise.

Mr. Shipkevich’s debt relief compliance practice includes providing regulatory compliance services, enforcement defense, and general counsel services to debt relief companies. He has represented various marketing and technology companies who service the debt relief industry. He has also represented companies under investigation by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the governing entities regulating the debt relief industry.

RevCon2017 focuses on bridging the gap between regulatory bodies and consumers, hence attorneys and experts spoke in the regulatory panel to connect business owners with the rules set forth by regulatory agencies.The debt relief industry has been segmented by divisions over compliance and ethical practices. This convention offers communication between both parties and experienced attorneys are essential channels to convey mutual understanding.  The legal panel was held immediately after the regulatory agencies presentation which featured the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) and BCP (Bureau of Consumer Protection). Mr. Shipkevich spoke alongside top attorneys and compliance experts, including Matt Hearn, RevCon2017 coordinator. They instructed on how to comply with the information presented by the FTC and CFPB officials and provided the knowledge businesses and attendees needed or confidence in understanding of the laws as they pertain to their respective business model.

Mr. Shipkevich has previously spoken in various panels for the debt relief services industry and he is frequently published in Compliance Reporter, e-Forex, and FX Week. As a special professor of Corporate Finance at Hofstra University School of Law, Mr. Shipkevich offers clarity in explaining legal stature and interpreting rules and regulations set forth by governing entities. Mr. Shipkevich is also editor-in-chief of Debt Relief Watch, a resource benefiting business owners and compliance practitioners track changes in the regulatory legal landscape.

In accordance with RevCon2017 innovative financial services endeavors, Shipkevich PLLC believes that “A new future cannot be envisioned with an old mindset” and constantly surpasses the outdated model to better serve the needs of their clients. The firm’s growth is fueled by a foundation built on respect and trust with its partners and clients, and this convention is an extension of those core values.

The regulatory legal panel was held on September 19th, 2017, the second day of the convention in Las Vegas, NV.


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