Felix Shipkevich was a Speaker for Blockchain Law Summit ICO Attorneys

Felix Shipkevich, Principal and founder of Shipkevich PLLC was a speaker for The Blockchain Law Summit 2018 panel on Cryptocurrency regulations with other ICO Attorneys. The Blockchain Law Summit brings together leading legal experts for Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Felix Shipkevich maintains an active capital markets and derivatives practice and has been involved with the legalities of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency since their inception in the payments industry. The panel titled “Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies Regulations in US and Abroad” took place last week on May 24, 2018 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

The Blockchain Law Summit positions itself as one of the most promising cryptocurrency conferences having panels entirely composed of ICO attorneys and other legal professionals with extensive experience with the legalities and application of Blockchain technologies. Felix Shipkevich has spoken at various national panels and last week joined other ICO attorneys to discuss the primary legal regulations for cryptocurrency and ICOs. The year 2017 saw numerous new ICOs raise an unprecedented Billions of capital funding, increasingly gathering attention from regulatory agencies such as the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), and the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC)

Companies are heading into ICOs and cryptocurrency with a white paper and a dream.  However, regulation is starting to happen in several areas, in both the US and other crypto havens. Government regulators both Federal and State have been releasing investor warnings and creating their own Blockchain working groups to better understand the novel technology such as the “LabCFTC.” The year 2018 started with enforcement actions and court orders against fraudulent ICOs form both the CFTC and the SEC.

Felix Shipkevich and leading ICO attorneys discussed the Regulator’s approach to enforcing current and new laws on non-compliant ICOs and other distributed ledger technologies. The year ahead will continue to see more efforts to protect investors as well, and the panel on Block chain regulations and in the US and abroad covered pertinent topics for the future of Cryptocurrency regulations. The conference attendees included investors, legal professionals, venture capitalist, and C-level executives for Financial Technology Firms.

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