Felix Shipkevich Will be ICO Attorney Speaker for The Reg A Conference

Principal Felix Shipkevich has been invited to speak as an ICO Attorney for The Reg A Conference in the panel titled Digital Tokens, a SEC Enforcement Perspective, and Ensuring Compliant ICOs. The Reg A Conference is a DealFlow event poised as the largest gathering of deal-makers and companies interested in networking and discussion of Regulation A. It will take place in New York City’s TKP Conference Center on June 12, 2018. The ICO and Digital Tokens panel will begin at 11:50 am and will include a Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) Assistant Director as well as other ICO attorneys.

Felix Shipkevich is the Principal and Founder of Shipkevich PLLC and maintains an active capital markets and derivatives practice. He has been involved with Bitcoin and other virtual currency as an ICO Attorney since their advent in the payments industry. The conference will focus on current ICO regulations and how those are enforced by federal agencies such as the SEC. Some of the topics discussed will be whether Initial Coin Offerings are securities and how regulations have adopted to the novel Blockchain distributed ledger technology. Anita Bandy, Assistant Director for the SEC, will offer insights into the recent SEC enforcement actions regarding ICOs and future of SEC involvement with Cryptocurrency regulations in 2018.

In the year 2017 the SEC and other financial regulators such as the CFTC issued numerous warnings regarding ICO scams and flexed their jurisdiction in virtual currency with various enforcement actions against ICO frauds. ICOs have continued to raise billions worth of investor funds and 2018 began with more court orders against scammers as well as SEC subpoenas to ICO firms. As such questions arise to SEC enforcement structure and ensuring ICO Compliace.

Small companies seeking to raise capital have enjoyed an exemption from registration requirements for public offering of securities since Regulation A was enacted by the SEC in 2015. The panel will feature “Reg A” applications to ICOs as well as Reg D 506 for private placements. Mr. Shipkevich is counsel to Financial Technology companies as well as Money Service Businesses that often seek ICO compliance with federal regulations. As such he will offer insight in the topics of ICO whitepapers, Reg A offering disclosures, and the proper use of smart contracts.

The Reg A Conference presents a prime opportunity for prospective issuers to network with like-minded business executives, as well as financial professionals who assist in bringing capital to companies. The event has booked all floors of the TPK New York Conference Center for June 12, 2018. For registration or more information please visit the event page here.

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