Digital Coins & Cryptocurrencies, Law & Regulation: Cases & Problems

Digital Coins and Cryptocurrencies, Law and Regulation: Cases and Problems is a comprehensive legal casebook for law students, legal professionals, academics, who seek to understand the complex legal and regulatory landscape surrounding digital coins and cryptocurrencies.

The following is a list of the subject matters covered in this textbook:

  • Modern barter system growth and development of the P2P payment networks
  • Coinage Clause and legal tender analysis, and key Supreme Court cases
  • Overview of blockchain technology growth and the creation of Bitcoin
  • Application of securities and commodity laws and key cases
  • Overview of the money transmission laws, exemptions, and cases
  • Understanding custody of digital issue laws and regulations
  • Overview of key SEC and CFTC enforcement cases
  • FinCEN guidance for money service businesses in the virtual currency space
  • Key AML laws and regulations surrounding cryptocurrencies
  • Overview of the New York Bit License framework
  • Overview of custody of digital assets framework
  • Understanding DeFi, stablecoins, NFTs, and CBDC
  • Overview of the international cryptocurrency ecosystem of laws and regulations

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