CFPB Evolutions in Debt Symposium Overview

In early March, the CFPB held a convening on The Evolutions in Debt Relief.  The purpose of the event was to explore options for consumers facing unmanageable unsecured debt and limited credit options. The convening was first announced to the public in early February and it was meant to be an event open to the […]

Etherium World News Ran a Three-part Interview with Felix Shipkevich

Felix Shipkevich ICO Attorney Token Regulations Speaker for NFT.NYC Fintech and Legal tech attorney

On October 05, 2019, Etherium World News ran a three-part in-depth interview with Felix Shipkevich about the latest issues surrounding Libra, JPMCoin, Wells Fargo Stable coin, Blockchain, and China’s efforts to create its own cryptocurrency . PART I: LIBRA, JPMCOIN AND WELLS FARGO STABLECOINS FACE COMPATIBILITY AND INVENTORY PROBLEMS SAYS TOP DERIVATIVES ATTORNEY PART II: “BLOCKCHAIN IS HARD, […]