WEBINAR: 2022 Debt Relief Industry Legislative, Regulatory, and Litigation Recap


Felix Shipkevich and Jessica Livingston of Shipkevich PLLC held a webinar to discuss and analyze recent trends and updates to federal regulations as well as litigation within the debt settlement space. The hosts also unveiled their own predictions for 2023.


  • Quick overview of debt relief industry legislative & licensing updates, and TCPA & FCRA regulatory and litigation updates;

  • Recap of what federal regulators focused on this year in the debt relief space;

  • Newsworthy highlights;

  • Analysis of yearlong trends in FTC actions, and predictions regarding impacts on 2023 regulatory actions;

  • Future predictions regarding stateside regulatory litigation; and

  • Federal level predictions regarding shifts in rulemaking given the political and economic environment going into the New Year, and enormous upticks in TCPA and FCRA litigation.



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