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Capital Markets, Foreign Exchange, Dodd-Frank, Enforcement Defense

Bankruptcy, Consumer Protection, Debt Settlement, Business Restructuring

Criminal Defense, Family Law, Civil Litigation, Probate Matters, Business Entity Creation and Formation, Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy, Tax Law, Estate Planning, Contract Law

Bankruptcy, Residential Real Estate, Business

Elder Law, Business Law, Mining and Mineral Law, Bankruptcy, Real Estate

Family Law, Bankruptcy, Debt Settlement, Contracts and Agreements

Corporate, Real Estate, Business, Oil/Gas, Estate Planning, Transactional Law


Family Law, Consumer Protection Law, Foreclosure Defense

Bankruptcy, Real Estate

Bad Faith Defense, Commercial Claims, Automobile Torts, Municipality Defense, Premises Liability, Medical Malpractice, Coverage Opinions, Bankruptcy

Commercial and Business Litigation, Investigations, Arbitration, Mediation, Compliance, International and Transnational Litigation, UK law, Public International Law

Criminal Defense, Bankruptcy, Domestic Relations

Personal Injury, Family Law, Employment Law, Bankruptcy

Tax Law, Estate Planning, Bankruptcy, Contract Law